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Mary Janowiak, BDM from Globus Family of Brands said:

I placed the order today for the promotion flyers for your religious group, so I think we are all set for now.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of help as you begin marketing this wonderful tour. I just love the way you have been able to personalize it. Your clients are very lucky to have you!


Sylvia & Wilt from Boerne, TX said:

We are at last writing to you to say thank you for all the wonderful times we have shared through the years.

We have such great memories of our trips beginning with Rome and Oberammergau in 2000 followed in the preceding years by sailing the Baltic Sea, cruising the rivers of Europe from Amsterdam to Budapest, and last but certainly not least, in 2012, the Alaska Inside Passage. Your organization of air travel, group activities, accommodations and attention to detail have given us fantastic memories for a lifetime, truly dreams come true. We are looking forward to our next great adventure!


Clem from Buffalo, NY said:

We have worked with Viking Cruise & Travel for the past 13 years. They have always been responsive to our family’s travel needs.

They always manage to find the perfect fit for what we want to do and where we want to go. They are easy to work with and know how to put together the right holiday plan that meets our budget requirements.


Cindy from Frisco, TX said:

Whether it is a trip to Hawaii for our honeymoon or a cruise out of Galveston, Texas with friends and family we have never been disappointed with the selection Hilda has suggested.

It is very comforting to know I can call or email her with a few ideas and a budget, and within a very short time have a dream vacation booked at a good price with all the amenities.  Hilda truly does have a passion for this business and because of her travels throughout she is very knowledgeable about a variety of destinations as well as the sights to see once you arrive. She also makes you feel like you are family when planning a trip, as she listens to every detail to make sure all your needs and desires are met as she wraps them into one great package. Can't wait to get to Paris for the biggest trip yet!  Thank you Viking Cruise & Travel, after doing business with you for the last 13 years, you continue to make every vacation better than the last! 


Paul from Houston, TX said:

Over the past 11 years, we have developed a strong relationship with Viking Cruise & Travel.

We began as part of a huge group they escorted to Europe and were so impressed that we kept coming back and we continue to be impressed. Regardless of the question, it is always answered. The attention to detail is terrific and no doubt prevents a lot of the issues we hear other travelers complain about. We are so satisfied and have referred our friends and family to Viking Cruise & Travel.


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