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Deborah from Naples, FL said:

We travel with you because any time something doesn’t seem right, or isn’t right, it gets fixed. Don’t have the seat assignments you thought you had in London? - fixed.


Arlene from Plano, TX said:

I have booked two trips with Viking Cruise and Travel.  Both of the trips have been to Alaska. 

They share my love for and interest in Alaska.  They know what I like and are great about sending me info on trips they think might appeal to me.  I would not hesitate to recommend Viking Cruise & Travel to friends and family.


Betty & Ray from Plano, TX said:

We can always depend on you to answer our travel questions. Thanks for all you do to make our vacations great.


Mickey from Katy, TX said:

Thank you for making this so pleasant an experience.


Jen from Seattle, WA said:

I have used your travel agency for the last three years.

You are always there to answer my questions when I plan new trips and to make really great bookings that meet my budget and travel desires. You are a delight to work with and very thorough. What could be better?


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