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01-22-2015 01-22-2015 Top Five Reasons for Choosing a Travel Agent - #5 Saving Time Fifth of five in the series based on the work of Gary Sain
01-21-2015 01-20-2015 Top Five Reasons for Choosing a Travel Agent - #4 Safety & Security Fourth in the series based on the work of Gary Sain
01-20-2015 Top Five Reasons for Choosing a Travel Agent - #3 Product Knowledge Third in the series based on the work of Gary Sain
01-14-2015 Top Five Reasons for Choosing a Travel Agent - #2 Saving Money Second in the series based on the work of Gary Sain
01-13-2015 Top Five Reasons for Choosing a Travel Agent - Reason #1 - Ability to provide the best options and prices Several years ago Gary Sain wrote an insightful article on the top reasons leisure travelers chose travel agents. The work was predicated on research completed by YPB&R/Yankelovich National Travel Monitor. I'll address each of these five in different installments.
08-05-2014 Highlights of Lisbon In June we traveled with 25 clients to tour Portugal, Spain and a short three day excursion into the Pyrenees and Lourdes, France. We customized a Globus religious tours itinerary to add more time in Lisbon, add more cities, and spend more time in others. Here is a capsule summary of our time in Lisbon.
06-03-2014 Time to return to Egypt or go for the first time? In 2012 we took a group of about 30 on a multi-week tour of Israel and then Egypt. About half of the Israel group did not on to Egypt for fears of the political unrest during the election of Egypt's first democratically elected leader. Those fears were unfounded.
04-04-2014 Shore excursions: book through the cruise line or book with a private tour operator? The cruise lines seem to have increased the prices of shore excursions to the point that seasoned or adventurous travelers are flocking to private tour operators any way they can. Looking beyond the cruise lines for rewarding shore excursions can be a good thing, but doing it any way they can may not be a good thing for many travelers.
11-22-2013 Paris to Normandy on Avalon River Cruises Last month we cruised from Paris to Normandy on the Avalon Creativity. Most every aspect of the experience was delightful. It's a winner.
11-07-2013 Tips for Avoiding Culture Shock When an individual travels to another region in the world, there are bound to be several cultural differences which can cause a traveler to experience ‘culture shock’. All travelers experience some form of culture shock but here are a few tips to make sure it is a mild case while you are away!
08-31-2013 Alaskan Dream Cruise is an Alaskan vacation dream come true. It is hard to imagine a Southeast Alaska cruise vacation that could be more fun than our 11 day cruise on the Alaskan Dream.
07-18-2013 Will your credit card work abroad? We recently had a client return with an account of how her credit cards would not work in a ticket kiosk. This forced her to scramble to find the cash necessary to buy the tickets and almost miss the schedule. What happened?
06-04-2013 A Trend in Airline Prices? Airlines are reducing capacity and not prices to drive profitability.
05-04-2013 Notes from a transoceanic cruise Some things to share from a recently completed Miami to Barcelona cruise on Oceania’s Marina that may be helpful in planning for a transoceanic voyage.
03-26-2013 Using a Travel Agent vs Using the Internet Here's an open letter to prospective clients who are debating whether to use a live travel agent to book their vacation or to go it alone by using the Internet.
03-26-2013 The Miracle of the Traveling Cap Travel invariably creates memorable stories. Here is one from our group trip to China.

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