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CLIA, ASTA Small Business

Group Travel

We offer groups a wide variety of travel experiences. Every group is different and we are happy to cater to special interests such as affinity, alumni, family, religious, incentive or student groups – or even to simply appeal to that sophisticated group who has “been there, done that.” Your group will benefit from our experience and that of our partners in structuring a unique vacation package for the interests of your group. We can structure flexible itineraries, by land, river, sea, rail or any combination, to meet your group’s needs while still benefiting from the economies associated with group travel. Group travel harnesses the power of buying in bulk, and spreads the cost of guides, ground transportation and other items across the whole group, giving people more experience for each travel dollar that they spend.

Regardless of your group and destination, e.g. a family trip to South America or a church group to Europe we can design an affordable trip tailored to your interests. From single city itineraries to multiple cities and countries, we can help you create custom tours for groups of 10 or more. Using our extensive network of partners and our flexible independent travel experience we work with you to create a personalized trip to fit the interests of your group. We book whatever combination of travel services are needed to fit your plans and budget, including airfare, cruises, hotels, coaches, rail, transfers, sightseeing and more. We have traveled with many of our groups and have a firsthand experience of what details need to be in place to assure a successful holiday for your group.

Our partners are all leaders in their areas and provide our clients with the highest quality and value group travel experience, including local support. When it comes to the details like travel documents, deadlines, payments and travel insurance, we are there to support you with the entire process.

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