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Carole from Seattle, WA said:

We feel we have had a home away from home on this stunning ship. What a great time it has been to have this absolute luxury. Thanks for facilitating yet another Viking adventure. We look forward to others in the future.


Brittinie from Dallas, TX said:

Thanks again for everything! You were so wonderful and we appreciate everything you did to make our vacation wonderful! We are already thinking about our next vacation and will go through you to coordinate and of course recommend you to our friends and family!


Diane from Coppell, TX said:

Thought I'd take a few moments and let you know how this portion of our trip went: WE WERE ALL THRILLED!!!! Fr. Patrick kept saying "We saved the best for last" and "What a wonderful end to our trip"!!! We all really appreciated the planning and work you put into our extra trip!


Debbie from Grapevine, TX said:

So basically, I really have no negatives & many positives to give to you. I have to tell you that going into the trip, Doug was a little anxious because he is accustomed to making his own travel arrangements & had felt like he was "not in charge." But he said you could not have done better with the arrangements, so that is a huge compliment from him!


Eleanor from Dallas, TX said:

I much  appreciate you're being right on the ball, looking after me and understanding my needs and problems. It's what makes you the VERY BEST travel agent.


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